Alerts and warnings

Young woman looks at her mobile phone while sitting on her sofa at home.

There are a range of alerts and warnings available, some of which are automatic and some that you can sign up to. These can alert you to potential risks in your local area, giving you more time to prepare or respond.

UK Government Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts is a UK Government service that can be used to warn you if there’s a danger to life nearby. Examples of situations that may lead to an alert include severe flooding, fires and extreme weather.

Alerts can be sent by the UK Government, devolved administrations and other public bodies such as the police or your local council. These organisations do not need to know your phone number or location to send you an alert. Alerts are sent to your mobile phone or tablet based on your current location. You do not need to turn on location services to receive alerts. 

What happens when you get an alert

Your mobile phone or tablet may:

  • make a loud siren-like sound, even if it’s set on silent
  • vibrate
  • read out the alert

What you need to do

When you get an alert, stop what you are doing and follow the instructions of the alert. If you are driving, find somewhere safe and legal to stop before reading the message. If there is nowhere safe and legal to stop and no one is in the vehicle to read it for you, you can listen to news on live radio to find out about the emergency.

Other alerts and warning systems you can sign up to

Sign up for flood warnings if your home or business is at risk of flooding. You will need to provide the address you want flood warnings for, an email address, and a way to contact you at any time of day or night. 

You can subscribe to Met Office email alerts and warnings.

You can sign up to receive air quality measurements, forecasts and alerts from UK AIR, the government’s air information resource.

Some Local Resilience Forums offer a sign-up option for alerts to receive news and information about emergencies in your local area. You can find details of your Local Resilience Forum